The Metaphysics in this World..

The story of a man who was concious off all the things around him he left the Building,early but he was quite shure about marriage or work, because for him it was unnesecary.

He lived a good life with no efforts, all that he has lost and all he cares about is the light that never goes out.

and he lives in his heart forever,his immortal soul will live forever and ever.

he thanks god for his life and doesnt give a shit bout christianity or some other kinds of bullshit.

he will live forever in the universes heart.

he keeps on movin all the time. and doenst forget who he is.

The Metaphysics in this world.


Why i quit Facebook and why its good for you too..

First i started facebook in im there from the very beginning.

I didnt notice over years how much impact it has on my mind body and soul..

it took me almost ten years to figure it out..because it was fun a time..

but i started noticing, that it brings me stress and bad luck also i have no privacy..

its really better coming back to reality than to spend hours and hours on facebook..

pretending you are what you might not be..

since i deactivated my account, i could feel such a emotional physical relief..

i could breath again and it felt so good..

for really physical emotional and spiritual relief..

i recommend you deactivate your account..and watch what happens with you after a few will find mental balance again..

thank you

Youre third eye..

Some people wanna shut down your holyness..

youre Godness and connection to God..

which lays in your third must be aware of this bad triggers..

dont let anyone close your third eye..

this can lead to Nervous breakdowns or Paranoia..

Turn On,Tune In and Drop Out!!

That meaning of this words are explained as : When you take a „Spiritual“ Substance, you should Turn it On..thats when you take it..

Then you should tune in in The „Lesson“ and „Feeling“ of it..

When the Lesson is fully understand and complete you should „Drop Out“ and come back to your normal Reality..



You can do this also without a Japa Mala (Prayer beads)

when you chant you will connect to GOD which is also called „KRISHNA“

you clean yourself from the dirt of the Material World.

Your soul will find peace and happines..


Alone and in Peace (poetry)

being in peace when youre alone…

you are alone and there is peace..freedom within and without..

you got everything you need..yourself..

you are free to be..nothing can bother you now..

open the window smell the fresh air (when you can)..and inhale it..

enjoy the clear night..with its cold breeze..its so amusing..